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Our development plans will enhance your team’s performance, engage talent and build leadership
skills taking you to a place of more fulfillment for your business and a stronger, more resilient
organization overall.

  • Our customized training programs develop leadership and communication skills
    that strengthen organizations by increasing self and interpersonal awareness,
    freeing people to be and bring their best
  • Our team has the expertise to help you manage through tough times to rebuild
    trust so you’re better prepared to meet the challenges ahead
  • We can help you clarify and convey your organization’s vision, values and goals
    to unite and direct the efforts of your team

The team at Davies & Associates has always been very supportive and informative – even when we experienced bumps in the road, they went on that journey together with us, and through the process helped us establish a new way of doing business.

Maureen Kort, Director, CSE Consulting

“As an owner of a small business, it becomes a bit lonely trying to handle all the demands of running a business and making decisions on so many levels. Working with Davies & Associates has really helped me focus on the right problems at the right time… My team is more organized and happier as well”

Cathie MacLeod – Owner
Physiotherapy Kingston Inc.

“Davies & Associates provided specific training in areas such as
HR and employee engagements to help build our team.”

Terry Wills, President,
Wills Transfer Limited

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Studies have shown it can cost up to eighteen months of salary to find and replace a professional. So hiring the right people and investing in their development makes sound business sense.

Ensuring you thrive means we are committed to:

  • Improve communication within your team to strengthen your ability to grow, manage change and overcome challenges
  • A strong team can help work through complex issues while facing change and uncertainty with better outcomes